What are goals?

You can setup and access your goals from the Account Tab --> Overview (sub-tab)

Goals are used to track certain actions on your website. For an e-commerce store, this could be when a customer reaches the post checkout page, confirming they have purchased some items. We could then determine if that user had come from your marketing campaign, or organically. You can assign an estimated revenue achieved by meeting that goal, thus helping you compute your CPA. This is great for users who want to see how much they are spending per acquisition / per click. If you are able to keep a low CPA, the marketing is essentially paying for itself!  Goal Tracking is included with our free visitor analytics. This way you can stay on top of your visitors, how engaged they are, what landing pages they enter your website on, as well as are they helping you achieve your goals.

If you need assistance setting up goals, feel free to contact our support team at, or come live chat with us via the orange chat button located in the bottom right of your Kliken dashboard.

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