How to change my target locations

In the Google Ads Tab ---> Manage tab of your Kliken dashboard, you can change your target audience by clicking the campaign(s) you wish to update. You can also click on the Edit (pencil) icon at the right of the campaign. After successfully landing on the Edit page, you can then change your geographical locations either by Country, by Region/State/Province, or by City (using Radius Targeting). As most locations are available for targeting, there are some restrictions by Google. If your desired location is not showing up in our system, try picking other nearby locations. If you are unsure of where to target, feel free to contact our support team, or visit the How To Select the Right Targeting For Your Campaign article.

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    Hi Kliken,

    Please need to change Location from Canada to Poland but cann't with following remark (The target country cannot be changed...).

    Please can you proceed that for me ?