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Many people are excited to start marketing their website/business online. However, in an effort to better understand your purchase, and how to make changes to your campaign(s), below are the top tips to know for your Kliken Campaigns. 

What type of Campaign do I have?

Google Marketing (Search Engine Marketing): This campaign captures people searching for your products or services in popular search engines such as Google. For example, if someone searches "Holiday vacations in Florida", I could have my ad show on the front page of the Google search results. 

Display Marketing (Display & Retargeting): Ever wonder how ads from past websites follow you around on the internet? Display Marketing allows you to create beautiful, custom banner ads to entice users searching the web. Your ads can show on hundreds of websites including CNN, ESPN, Facebook, and much more. Narrow down your traffic by selecting business categories, and target locations. Use Retargeting to capture past visitors of your website, or Prospecting to get the perfect leads for your business. 


Where does my money go? 

All of Kliken's campaigns are purchased with two costs:

Your Budget + Kliken's Flat Monthly Fee = Total Campaign Cost

Your Budget is what you want to pay for traffic. For example, if you want $100 worth of traffic, you'd set your budget at $100 for the entire month. This budget is sent directly to the search engines you chose, and Kliken collects none of it. Kliken only collects the flat monthly fee for our services, while the rest of your money goes to get you the best quality traffic.

Kliken's Flat Monthly Fee is a flat fee charged per month to cover our services. These include consultations, campaign revisions, 24/7 optimization, and other conveniences. This fee comes in tiers depending on your budget. Spend between $50-$99, and the Kliken fee is $9/month Kliken fee. Spend $100-$500, and the Kliken fee is $19/month. Many agencies may ask for a percentage of your budget as a fee, while we give you upfront, low-cost fees. This way, you know exactly what you are spending for your campaign ahead of time.

Click here to see how your budget is used for Campaigns. 


What is the status of my Campaign?

If you have built or purchased any campaigns, it's easy to see the current status of the campaign(s). 

Different Statuses 

1. Unfinished Campaigns: Campaign was created, and is being built. It has not been purchased, nor is it active. Any changes or progress made is saved, so you can resume building at any time.  
2. Active Campaigns: Campaign was purchased, and is live on the selected Search Engines/Network
3. Cancelled Campaigns: This campaign is set to not renew and will run until the end of the current monthly cycle, or until spend is consumed. 

Google/Bing Marketing Campaigns - Go to the Google Marketing tab, then Manage. Any campaigns that you have created will be listed under their status.

FB & Display Marketing Campaigns - Go to FB & Display Marketing tab, then Manage. Any campaigns that you have created will be listed under their status. 


How do I make changes to my Campaign? (Keywords, ads, target location, etc..) 

Making changes to your campaign is incredibly easy. 

Here are instructions to Managing your Google Ads Search Campaigns
Here are instructions to Managing your Retargeting Display Marketing Campaigns 

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