Setup Additional Tools

Sometimes it's the small tools that make the difference. Kliken offers a few extras to help you with your website and campaigns. 

1. Free Kliken Mobile App

Stay on top of your website's traffic and campaign results from the palm of your hand. You can also manage and instantly reply to leads from Kliken Connect. Download the app today from the the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For Android phones, Click here!

For IOS, Click here! 

2.Generate Leads with Connect:


Kliken Connect uses the combination of a customizable tab and different popup modals to entice users with a promotion. When clicking the tab, they will be presented with a coupon/offer which they can redeem via email or text. There is also a small embedded contact form to help interested leads reach you. Lastly, you can include additional information such as your business location and business hours (if applicable). 

As people request coupons, you are immediately notified via the Kliken Mobile app. You will have the ability to immediately respond to that user from the palm of your hand, giving you a direct channel of communication with valuable leads. 

To setup Kliken Connect, go to the Generate Leads tab of your Kliken account (WiX users go here). If you have not started setting up Connect, the setup wizard should begin. Simply follow the steps, until you reach the last page verifying Kliken Connect has been setup. (FYI: Connect requires Kliken analytics to be installed).

3. Goal Tracking

One of the most underutilized tools is Goal Tracking. Kliken's Goal Tracking allows you to set goals that you want visitors to accomplish. For example, as a store owner, I want people to complete a purchase and checkout online. Kliken's Goal Tracking lets you capture visitors that complete that goal, whether they came from your organic traffic, or a Kliken campaign. Our reports will help you distinguish between the two traffic sources. All you have to do is make sure you have the Kliken analytics installed, and setup new goals in your Kliken Account.

Locate and click on the Account tab. On the next page, locate the Overview sub tab. Add a goal by entering a Goal Name, Goal Type, Average revenue (for ROI tracking), then the Goal URL. For our store example, your goal URL would be something like This would be the page after the user clicks Purchase. When the post purchase page loads, Kliken's analytics will report that visitor completed a goal, and voila! Time to sit back, and watch visitors meet your goals. 

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