How do I Unsubscribe from Free Monthly Reports?

Because of an integrated partnership with Yola, Kliken offers free analytics reporting to all Yola account holders of websites. customers predictive analytics free of charge 

As a Yola account holder, you benefit from a free Kliken account to view and analyze visitors' browsing patterns and their level of engagement while they browsed your website.

This monthly data gives you key insights to help drive the evolution of your product or service and understand how Google or Bing search queries led visitors to your site. The monthly report is a collection of visitor engagement levels, turning existing data into predictive knowledge.

This feature is essential for finding out how people found and navigated your site.

If you would like to unsubscribe from this awesome report, please submit your request to

Specify the name of your website as well as the email associated with your account. We will delete your free Kliken account, you will no longer receive any notifications or reports from us, and you will receive a confirmation from us that you were unsubscribed. 



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