Customer Highlight: How Sweet Is That?


Kliken Spotlights “How Sweet Is That” by Owner Sherry Potter


How Sweet Is That  is an online retailer of cake, cupcake and cookie decorating supplies based in the Ontario province of Canada. Sherry is an entrepreneur who transformed her hobby into a paid business. As she was decorating cakes on her kitchen table using unique supplies she was importing from the UK, her artisan craft soon created a buzz. Initial curiosity in Ontario turned into a increasing demand locally, and soon, interest grew from US-based custom baking fans and gourmet cookie bakers.

Sherry understood the timing was right to expand her business by offering her baking supplies and ingredients online. Once her website was set up, she knew the next step was launching the website by promoting the visibility of her online business. How would she do it without a big marketing budget? What was the best way to get the word out online fast without breaking the bank?

While building her site using the website builder, Sherry noticed the Kliken feature offered in the dashboard and decided to install the widget. Without search engine marketing experience and only an initial limited budget, Sherry appreciated that her business was advertised live using Google AdWords. Kliken immediately automated the optimization of her paid ads to drive new visitors from initial modest budget.

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Since using Kliken, Sherry has seen a notable increase in traffic to her site and has gotten more business directly from her paid search campaign. She also found the Kliken user interface easy to use and has had a great experience with their customer support.

 “I had tried everything in my own power to get exposure on the internet for my small business.  But I could only do so much. Through my web server, Kliken contacted me and suggested several different options in getting the exposure I was hoping for. They went over all the information with me and made sure I had exactly what I was looking for.  They regularly checked in on me to make sure that I am still happy with the results I am seeing.  I never felt pressured and they took the time to explain everything to me, so I was making an informed decision.  Kliken is there to make sure my   business succeeds.”

Sherry Potter
How Sweet Is That?

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