Introduction to Kliken


Pay per click ads offer a good return on investment when done properly. However, the learning curve involved can seem overwhelming and there it a considerable amount of time required time to grasp the scope  of digital advertising, and then master the essentials on your own .

Google AdWords is a lot like chess. The basics are fairly easy to understand, but in reality, the game is so complicated, that it can take you years to master. Unlike AdWords, being a beginner at chess won’t cost you thousands of dollars. So who is running your AdWords campaign?

Why Kliken?


Managing on-line advertising campaigns can be a time consuming process. You need to continuously monitor and update bids and keywords to stay within your budget. Kliken's fully integrated Pay Per Click Management Software uses behavioral and predictive analytics to constantly score and predict a user’s likeliness to complete a particular goal. It focuses on improving the performance of keywords that produce clicks. It optimizes the campaign over time, and your budget is increasingly allocated to the keywords that actually produce.

It efficiently manages your online advertising campaigns for Google, Yahoo and Bing within one simple interface.


How Much Does Kliken Cost?


Let’s say you create a Google campaign for $100. No portion of this amount is kept by Kliken. It is entirely allocated to your Google campaign. Kliken's fee is $19/month. In addition to the bells and whistles of its  all-in-one PPC management software, your campaign is actively assigned to a research team solely dedicated the optimization of your campaign’s performance. Right off the bat, this presents an extreme advantage. It’s like running a 100 yard race starting at the 130 yard mark


When Will I Hear From Kliken?


Within 24 hours of purchasing a campaign on Google or Bing, a Kliken Specialist will reach out to you with an initial “audit” of your campaign and the corrective actions applied to give your campaign a boost and get you off to a good start.

Kliken's culture is collaborative and engaging. You will never receive  “canned responses” from us. Every 14 days, your Specialist will send you a personalized status of the progress of your campaign outlining actions taken to improve the progress of the campaign and recommendations he considers important are important to reach your advertising goals.


How Quickly Will I See Results From My PPC Campaign?


Each account and industry is different, but a general guideline that we follow is that it typically takes 5 to 10 weeks to see results. The first two months are heavily involved with testing to see what works and then building off of the success we have seen to get results for our clients. One of the biggest misconceptions in paid search advertising is that results are instantly visible and measurable. Search engine results do not happen overnight, there is a delay factor involved. For this reason, Kliken offers the second month FREE allowing businesses operating with a small budget to steadily gain momentum.

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