Do I Really Need To Install A Tracking Code?

You’ve done it. You’ve setup your Kliken account and you can’t wait to start optimizing your Paid Search campaigns. But wait. What is this? They want you to put some Javascript code into your website? Do they know how involved that is? Do they know how difficult it is for you to get any changes made to your website? Is it really going to make that much of a difference?

Actually, it will. The code allows Kliken to do a lot of really cools things that can help you save money and increase revenue much more quickly.

Although you can see which Ad and Keywords produced the most clicks without a tracking code installed, Kliken's tracking code can do much more

With the code installed, Kliken can see how the visitor behaved on your site,  whether or not they accomplished any goals (purchase, form submission, etc..) enabling you to see which ads are really driving traffic and sales to your site. 

Kliken then uses this data to predict what other visitors will do. Additionally, it can tie a visitor across multiple visits to your site and this information is invaluable.

Lets look at a realistic scenario.

Lets say you sell shoes online. A visitor searches for shoes in their favorite search engine, sees your ad and clicks on it. They browse your site for a while and decide to come back later and buy some shoes.

Later they come back on your site by clicking on a different ad than the one they originally clicked on their first visit. Now they purchase six pairs of shoes. Congratulations you have made a sale, but where did the sale come from?

Well that is tough to say. If you do not have any analytics for your site, you will probably never find out, so you can’t really make an informed adjustment.

If you do not have a tracking code installed in your site, you will never what made your customer buy 6 pairs of shoes on that visit.

But, great news, you installed the Kliken code. So now, you can see:

  • Which of your ads is the most enticing to visitors (you can have several ads)
  • Which page of your website do visitors spend a lot of time on
  • How many returning visits to the website did it take before a purchase was made

Now you are armed with the data to make an informed decision because you have an accurate and timely assessment of the performance of all your ads and keywords.

But wait, it gets better. Kliken has pro-actively already analyzed this for you!

Based on these key indicators, your Specialist will have taken the corrective actions necessary to the text of your ads, or to the keywords not producing the desired results over time.

So the time you took to install the Kliken code is really paying off in a big way.

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