How Does Billing Work?

When you purchase a campaign with a marketing spend of $120, you are essentially pre-paying for advertising credits.

The cost of a click is determined by the search engine - not by Kliken -

Let’s illustrate how Google handles your $120 payment:

Joe in Asheville buys an AdWords advertising campaign on the Google network for $120 per month.

Google spreads this monthly budget equally over 30 days to expose the ad throughout the month.

  • So Joe’s monthly budget becomes a daily budget:
  • $120 is divided by 30 days = $4.00/day
  • $4.00 is what Joe can spend per day on clicks

Google (not Kliken) charges Joe $0.70 each time a visitor clicks on his ad

Therefore, Joe can pay for 5 clicks per day ($0.70 x 5 = $3.50)

What happens after the fourth click?

Joe’s daily budget is depleted and Google restricts the frequency of his ads. Although Joe’s ads are active, they are not appearing to viewers as often as they could.

What happens at the end of the month?

At the end of the month, the clicks are totaled and deducted from his budget (which is commonly referred to as “Google Credits”).

  • Joe received 150 clicks x $0.70/click = $105
  • The $15 leftover ($120 - $105) rolls over as “adwords credits” towards the next month.


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