How To Select The Right Targeting For Your Campaign

Are you wondering which targeted location is right for you? Check below to see which category your business fits into.

  • Kliken allows you to target regions by City, State or Country meaning that you can target an area as small as your local town or as large as entire country such as the United States.
  • If you provide specific services such as tree trimming or plumbing, it is good to keep the targeting to local service areas so people outside of these areas will not see your ads.
  • If you own an online store to ships all over a specific country, the country option will be best for you. When you select a country for example the United States, users outside of this area will not be able to trigger your ads, keeping your searches as relevant as possible.
  • Select state targeting if your business offers products or services to one or more states within a country. For example, a lawyer may not be certified to practice across all states as each state has their own law, so the law firm should target all states apart from the ones in which they cannot practice.
  • Still unsure how to add your location? Some small towns are so small that even Google cannot find them to advertise to, try expanding your reach to larger neighboring towns for more success.
  • If you ever need help with your campaign get in contact with Kliken today and we will schedule you for a one on one phone conversation to help get your campaign off to a flying start.
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