How To Cancel a Marketing Ads Campaign

1) Log into your Kliken account

2) On the top navigation bar, select the "Google Ads" Or "Retargeting" tab, then "Manage".

3) Look at  "Active Campaigns". To the far right, under the heading "Actions", click on the trash can for the campaign you wish to cancel.

4) Review the "Are you sure?" pop-up, and select "Cancel My Campaign".

5) You'll be redirected to a confirmation page with an optional feedback survey. (Note: We'll provide you a confirmation code, as well as email it to you after cancellation) 

6) If you wish to provide your valuable feedback, please fill out the form, and click "Submit Feedback" 


After confirming your cancellation, you will no longer be billed for that campaign. The campaign itself will run until it uses up whatever spend is left in the account and then it is stopped.



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