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We love profiling small businesses who succeed in attracting visitors to their site using Kliken, and we’re excited to introduce you to American Car Craft on our blog!

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American Car Craft is a design company with more than 30 years experience customizing stainless steel accessories for Chevrolet Corvettes, Camaros, Ford Mustangs, Late Model Muscle Cars, Ram Trucks, Classic Hot Rods, and more…Their designs are laser-cut and crafted to produce truly amazing stainless steel accessories you just won’t find from any other company. Their product lines include custom grilles, stainless steel interior and exterior trim to state-of-the-art digital graphics. A major reason for their success is due to the uniqueness of their product lines, such as the classic under hood panels and hand-etched stainless accessories from their art department.

The customer experience at American Car Craft is also unique. Whether their customers are on a tight budget or are building their dream-car, they all share the love and passion for classic cars. This has facilitated a great community hub where friends are made between individuals who care for a car or truck as a way of life.

Based in Hudson Florida, American Car Craft’s growing customer base extends to a global presence through established distributors in Canada and Europe. Check out what Matthew Books, Marketing Director, has to say about the challenges of covering advertising, public relations, promotions and sales, and why Kliken has been a strategic marketing tool for the past 4 years:

“I manage our site, our social media, our online merchandising, our photography, our blog, our videography, our IT and our licensing management. So I don’t have time to babysit several Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. That’s where Kliken comes in and I’m very thankful for them”. Matthew Books, Marketing Director

See more about American Car Craft by visiting their website

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