Customer Highlight: Painting UR Way

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We love getting to know our customers, getting their feedback, and helping them grow their business. They are so great that we want you to get to know them too!

We’d like you to meet Painting UR Way, a family-owned and operated business in Anaheim Hills, California, that offers a new way to relax, socialize, and explore your inner creativity with friends and family. Their artists guide you through a step-by-step process of re-creating a work of art, while you add your own stroke of individuality. The great thing is, no artistic talent or training is required.

They opened their doors for their first painting session on January 31, 2015. Along with the continued and unending support of family members and friends, the matriarch of the family, Amelia Huckabee, and her three children: Jessica, Nicholes and Ondriah run the day-to day-operation of the business.

The Corona, California-based family takes great pride in bringing to Anaheim, California an amazing entertainment venue that allows its patrons creative and artistic expression.

It’s less about learning how to paint and more about relaxation, social interaction and self-expression. We provide everything: paint, aprons, canvas, as well as beverages for sale. You leave with your own work of art – without any stress or mess.


Painting UR Way has just recently decided to market their business online. Although their business has been steadily growing, they want an avenue that would help them reach a wider audience of customers.

We have customers who live in the city around the block who still comment they didn’t even know we were here. We have to reach those customers to get them in the door.

Their focus is on giving their customers a relaxing and entertaining experience. They target individuals over 21 in Orange and Riverside Counties who are interested in a unique entertainment experience.

We like to gather as much feedback as we can to make sure they have the best experience. When asked about their Kliken experience so far, Painting UR Way had the following to say:

My experience has been limited. I just added the app last week. I do like the stats screen and I am looking forward to seeing how the campaign we have going adds traffic to our website and in turn drives customers into our studio.

Thank you, Painting UR Way, for taking the time to tell us about your business. We are very grateful to have you on board and to be part of your exciting journey!

If you are in the Anaheim Hills area, don’t forget to visit them for a great painting experience!

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