What if I want to change my budget mid-campaign?

You can increase or decrease your campaign's budget at any time. If you want to add more spend to get more clicks and sales or back off during a seasonal slowdown, the options are always available for active campaigns. Visit the Accounts --> Subscription area to see your active subscriptions and adjust your budget for a specific one, or visit the Manage area of your active campaign to get there also. 

There can be many reasons for wanting to change your budget. If your better Google Search keywords are pricey, adding to your budget can help your ads have a better chance of displaying more often and getting clicked. If your campaign's performing well, increasing your budget can drive more traffic to your website. 

When adjusting your budget, you may be presented with 2 options depending on your next bill date and a few other factors. 

1. Immediate Change - An immediate budget change will adjust your campaign to start spending at a new budget immediately, and will also reset your campaign for a new 30-day bill cycle. Any existing prepaid spend will be used as additional credits to boost your campaign temporarily. This is a great option for campaigns that are doing well, and want to keep momentum. 

2. Next Bill Cycle - Adjusting your budget for the next bill cycle will keep your campaign running as is but will ensure your next billed amount is for the new budget. This means if you are set to be billed $150 in 6 days, but decide you want to upgrade your budget to $300 on the next billing cycle, you will not be charged anything today and will be charged $300 in 6 days on your next billing cycle. 

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