Customer Highlight: G&K Fitness Medics

The holidays are a great time to thank all our customers for their business. We have learned a lot from them, and it’s been exciting and very insightful.

G&K Fitness Medics

We recently got to know G&K Fitness Medics, a fitness equipment sales and service provider to both residential and commercial markets. They opened their doors to Peoria, Illinois and the surrounding areas in 2012.

Ever since they opened their doors, G&K Fitness Medics has been helping people by guiding them in choosing the right fitness equipment, directing them on how to repair their equipment, and giving them tips to motivate them into living a healthy lifestyle. They recently had a website redesign and wanted to achieve a greater web presence.

“With more and more people turning to the Internet to find what they need, it is an absolute must for a business to have a web presence in order to compete and stay in business. We have over twenty years of passionate experience exercising, eating healthy, and researching the industry, so building web presence is a great way to share that experience in an effort to help motivate and direct people wanting to get started with living healthy lifestyle.”

G&K Fitness Medics chose to do search marketing to reach people everywhere that are interested in exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. They want to focus on those that are passionate about health and exercise, and those that are just starting out.

“We hope to be a great website that people can get to easily for fitness and exercise instruction, whether it is for equipment, repairs, or diet and exercise tips. We hope reaching more people will lead to greater sales.”

To help them get to their goal, we like to ask how their experience with Kliken has been so far. This helps us improve our product functionality and their overall experience. When asked about their experience, G&K Fitness Medics had the following to say,

“Kliken has helped us to use a service that we previously had very little knowledge of. With a very user friendly interface we were walked through setting up our first campaign. We immediately noticed an increase in traffic to our website and an increase in service calls. It has greatly expanded our reach, not only with a local web presence but a nationwide web presence. The Kliken dashboard gives us great insight into the traffic that our site is getting, where the traffic is coming from and what people are searching for in our industry. It is a service that is well worth the investment.”

Thank you G&K Fitness Medics for all your insightful feedback and for giving us a chance to learn more about your business. We are very grateful to be a part of your journey and hope we can help you reach your goal.

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