Why do I have to overwrite an existing claim?

Anytime you want to run a Google Shopping campaign, you must prove to Google that you are the owner of the website you're trying to advertise. The claim is then associated with a Google Merchant Center account where your products and store info are maintained for the campaign. 

If you have ever tried to setup a Google Shopping campaign in the past, you may have an existing claim on your website. When we try to setup your Kliken - Google Shopping campaign, we'll have the ability to overwrite the existing claim with your permission.

What happens if we overwrite an existing claim?

Overwriting claims will only impact any existing Google Shopping campaigns tied to that claim. If you are running a different Google Shopping campaign, we recommend pausing that while you try a Kliken - Google Shopping campaign. Overwriting a claim is not permanent, and you can reclaim your website at anytime in the future. 

Make sure not to overwrite/reclaim your site outside of the Google Merchant Account connected to your active Google Shopping campaign or Free Listings campaign, or else it will temporarily pause the campaign. 

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