WooCommerce Advanced Options

You may notice an advanced option sections in your WooCommerce Google Ads plugin. These options include Application Token, Account ID, and Google Verification TokenBelow, we explain what each one is for. 

Please avoid modifying these values unless instructed to do so. You can contact with any questions about the values below. 

Account ID: This ID is created when you make an account in our system. This is used in combination with the application token to connect your store to our system, allowing us to sync your store with your campaign, track sales from your ads, and much more. 

Application Token: This is a unique token generated to connect your account and store to our system. It is used in a similar manner as the account ID and also serves as an extra layer of security for your account. 

Google Verification Token: This token is used to help verify your website for Google. The token is installed as an HTML meta tag on your website, and let's Google know that you are an authorized owner of a website URL. This is specifically for the content portion of your HTML meta tag.

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