Google's Policy - Unsupported Shopping Content

Google aims to enable businesses to promote a wide variety of products, but some Google products and platforms may not be optimized to appropriately support all content types. For this reason, Shopping ads don't allow the promotion of certain content where we don't offer an optimal user experience. You can read more directly from Google here

Here is a short list of the most common unsupported shopping content when trying to advertise on Google Shopping*.

  • Services: Labor, time, effort, expertise, or actions, which do not result in ownership of a tangible product. This includes any services sold bundled with physical goods (examples: Maintenance or repair services, accounting services, financial planning services, streaming content, online gaming currency, car repair services sold bundled with purchase of tires)
  • Recurring billing: Payment method that allows users pay for goods on an ongoing basis, at regular intervals in the future (some exceptions are made such as magazine or newspapers)
  • Vehicles: Motor or sail-powered vehicles used for transport of people on public access ways (examples: Cars, RVs, trucks, boats, catamarans, planes, helicopters, motorcycles, mopeds, jet skis)

In most situations, you are unable to advertise on Google Shopping with Unsupported Shopping Content. You may contact with any questions or request assistance with your disapproval. 

*Note: Most of the Unsupported content is supported on other Google Ads networks and products, so feel free to build a Google Ads: Search Network campaign to get similar results. 

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