Why is my Google Shopping campaign not approved?

In order to launch your campaign on Google, there are a few basic requirements. If your campaign is not approved, make sure to review this list for any missing pieces. 

1. Your website must be verified and claimed in our Google Merchant Center account. We provide this HTML verification meta tag for you, unless we are able to auto verify your website with our plugin.  If you have already claimed your website in a different Google Merchant Center account, you will need to release that claim while running a campaign through us.**

**websites with subdomains can only be claimed at the root. If you try to advertise with us, but already have a claim on, then we'll need to claim in order to advertise. 

2. Your website and store must meet Google's minimum policy requirements. Here are a few of the most common errors. 


If you have reviewed the list above and your campaign is still not approved after 7 business days, please reach out to our team at

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