My campaign is approved, what should I do?

New Shopping campaigns optimize overtime automatically, continually learning more about your store and the people who want to buy your products. This learning period is the key to success, and simply requires a little patience for big rewards. 

The best advice for your campaign(s) is to really narrow down on the items you're selling, and what your goal is. Are you moving inventory? Seasonal items? or just wanting to generate sales?

Smart Shopping campaigns actually do better the more products you're advertising. However, this doesn't mean you have to advertise every product if you don't want to. Keep an eye on the reports provided with your campaigns, see what products and categories are getting traffic, conversions, and even which ones are using more of your budget. If things look good, then give the campaign some more time, and check back in.  Our campaign reports give you data at all levels, from the top of your campaign to individual categories or products.  

Here are some things you can check off:

1. Monitor your campaign results to see sales and traffic. Click into the campaign or categories to drill deeper into the performance. 

2. Manage what categories you're advertising based on your current goal. 

3. Update your target location to a different or larger area. (You can not change target countries once a campaign is purchased, start a separate campaign to keep your ads focused on a more targeted audience. )

4. Modify your product names or descriptions to help match your ads to search results. 

5. Review your reports to see which products or categories get the most traffic, sales, or use the most budget. 


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