Google's Policy - User Cannot Purchase

If your site has been disapproved for user cannot purchase, there are a few reasons why this may be.

1. If you do not have an easy to find Add to Cart or Checkout button for your product pages, these are required. They ensure an easy shopping experience for anyone visiting from your ads. 

2. We may have an outdated base URL for your store's products. This means the product URLs we retrieved from your store for Google lead to a 404 or possibly redirect to your homepage. You can make sure we have the latest info from your store in the Google Shopping --> Manage section, then click the pencil icon to edit your campaign. Lastly, select the categories you are advertising for, and there should be a refresh my store button. 

3. If you have custom URLs setup from your website for your store, this may not match the data we pull automatically from your store. You can reach out to our support team to diagnosis this further if you are aware of customization such as these. 

4. If you have any restrictions on people who cannot checkout, especially location restrictions, this could prohibit your ads from going live. You must make sure people in your target location are able to get to checkout and complete a purchase. 

If your campaign is disapproved for this policy, please reach out to once corrected to get your campaign approved. You may also contact with any questions or request assistance with your disapproval. 

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