How do I get the review stars in my Shopping ads?

Customer reviews are currently a part of the Google Merchant Center Growth programs. This is a free tool in the Google Merchant Center, but is currently not provided in our services. However, you can still set this up by following the instructions below.

You can also visit Google's help center here for more help. 

1. Login to the Google Merchant Center account associated with your campaign. If you did not import your own Merchant Center account, and you did not add yourself to the account we created for you, you can still do so under Google Shopping --> Manage --> Edit (pencil icon by your Active Campaign). Note: You must use a valid Google Account when accessing the Google Merchant Center. 

2. Once inside the Google Merchant Account, go to Growth on the left side menu. 

3. Select Manage Programs under Growth. 

4. Find Customer Reviews, and click Enable

5. Carefully review the terms of the program, and accept them if you wish to continue. 

6. Complete the technical integration requirements listed in the program. At a minimum, you must integrate the survey opt-in module by Google to begin collecting reviews for your ads (See more here).

We hope to provide a more automated, streamlined solution for this program soon and will provide updates as we do. In the meantime, you can still take advantage of this powerful program to help your ads stick out to potential customers by completing the steps above. If you need help with step #6, we'd recommend working with your web developer, or whoever manages your website for you.  

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