How to remove an existing website claim?

If you received an error regarding an existing website claim, this means 1 of 2 things.

1. You already claimed this website in a separate Google merchant account or separate Google service.
2. A separate third party service or coworker claimed your website in a different Google Merchant account or Google service.

In order to advertise through Kliken, you'll need to ensure your website claimed is provided with the Google Merchant account being used to advertise. If you did not import your Google Merchant account, this means the account we automatically configured for you.

Here are the steps to removing an existing website claim.

1. Visit the Google Merchant Account with the current website claim.

2. Click the wrench icon in the top right

3. Select Business Information

4. Click the Website tab on the next page.

5. Clear your website URL, then click Save. 

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