What is the Smart Shopping Learning Period?

Smart Shopping campaigns use a lot of information about your store, campaign, and the people shopping for your products to help get you the best results. Part of this includes a mandatory learning period for new campaigns to make sure your budget is being spent efficiently, and towards people who are most likely to purchase from your ads. Here are some important tips to keep in mind.

  • Allow time for machine learning to optimize. Consider giving a new campaign 15 days to run before you start evaluating its performance. Allowing this time to pass gives the strategy time to adapt. It will also account for conversion delay (see point #4).
  • Get adequate data. Make sure you have enough data to evaluate campaign's performance. Typically, 2-3 weeks after the learning period is enough time for an advertiser to evaluate performance. Do not be discouraged early on! 
  • Take outside factors into account. Multiple factors may affect your results over a period of time, including holidays, weekends, special events, changes to your product data, and your competitors in the auction. 
  • Account for conversion delays. Some conversions take more time than others, in some cases days or even weeks. If you compare recent campaign performance with past performance, your recent performance might not look as strong because of conversion delay. 

Learn more here from Google on how Smart Shopping ads are optimized to get your store the best results.

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