Why can't I find my shopping ads when I search for them?

Google Shopping ads show when people are browsing on the Shopping and Smart Shopping related networks for your products. If your campaign is active and your products are approved, your ads will show each day to interested shoppers, so do not be discouraged if you search for them and are unable to find them. As we recommend against searching for your own ads to avoid unnecessary costs and throwing off optimization, here are a few reasons why you may not find your ad on a given search.

Note:  Using a live search on Google does not accurately show if your ads are being listed. Every user will see different search results, and take historic search behavior, buying behavior, and more into consideration. Monitor your reports to ensure the people who matter are seeing your ads as they shop.

  1. Your daily budget has been fully consumed.
  2. You are searching with keywords or phrases that do not exist in your product titles or descriptions.
  3. You are not in your campaign's target location
  4. Other advertisers paid more on a given search to show above you. 
  5. You searched for a product that was not active or selected to be advertised. 


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