I've changed my store location to a new WordPress website, how do I transfer my Google Shopping?

If you have an active Shopping campaign but have moved your WooCommerce store to a new website URL, you can follow these steps to migrate your campaign.

1. Add the Get Google Ads plugin to your new Wordpress Website. 
2. Once added and activated, go to the plugin's advanced settings.
3. Update the Account ID in the plugin advanced setting to your existing account ID with your active campaign. To find the Account ID, visit and log in at --> My Account --> Account, then locate the Account ID up top. Our support team is here to help if needed. 
4. Save these new advanced settings with the updated Account ID.

Depending on the new URL, you may need to verify and claim your new website URL to ensure Google has the correct domain to be advertised for your new store location. The plugin will automatically help verify your website with the HTML meta tag, and will automatically claim your new URL baring any existing claims. If needed, you can take the content portion of the meta tag, and paste it manually into the Get Google Ads advanced options section for the Google site verification tag. 

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