How to verify my WooCommerce store on my WordPress website?

For verifying a WordPress website with your WooCommerce store, we developed a plugin to help streamline the verification and claiming process. Rather than manually inserting the HTML verification tag, we will automatically insert the HTML on your website with our Google Ads for WooCommerce extension. 

If you ever update your website domain, you may be provided a new verification tag to put on your website. In this case, you can go to the WordPress plugin for Google Ads for WooCommerce, and visit the advanced options to add the new verification tag.  You will only need to paste the content portion between the quotations of the Google Site Verification meta tag (ex: content="your verification string" ). Likewise, if you have a brand new WordPress website, you would need to install the plugin on your new WordPress site and update the Account ID and verification token with the correct values. 

Our team is glad to help at any point along the way, so feel free to reach out with any questions. Note, verification and claiming can take up to 24 hours after updates have been made to reflect in your account

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