Unsupported Content - Subscriptions

Click here to learn more about unsupported content on Google Shopping, including subscriptions. 

Recurring billing
 Payment method that allows users pay for goods on an ongoing basis, at regular intervals in the future
  • Examples: Security or medical alert system with recurring payment for subscription, digital content with recurring payment subscriptions
  • Exceptions to the policy:
    1. Magazines and newspapers subscriptions with recurring billing are allowed.
    2. Mobile phones and tablets: In the countries listed here, mobile phones and tablets sold with subscription contracts are allowed. Phones and tablets with installment plans that facilitate the purchase of the device are allowed only in the US, UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Brazil, Mexico, and South Korea.
    3. Software subscriptions that are pre-paid and auto-renew only annually are allowed.
    4. In Brazil, recurring billing for all products is allowed.
    Refer to the ‘price’ attribute of the feed specification for requirements on how to submit prices for these products.
Billing processed by product software
 Online payment method for goods that require additional software installation to complete the purchase
  • Examples: Digital photo albums that can only be purchased if additional software is installed
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