What are the differences between Free Listings and Google Smart Shopping?

Google Free Listings puts your products on Google Surfaces which includes Google Search, Images, Google Lens, and they are eligible to show on the new Organic section of the Google Shopping tab too. It is a great way to get your feet wet and a small amount of exposure to your products. However, the main driver in traffic, sales, and performance will always be the paid shopping ads on Google Smart Shopping.  Google Smart Shopping ads require a monthly budget for your products to show on the sponsored listing sections of Google Shopping and also have your product ads dynamically remarketed to users across all Google networks such as YouTube, Gmail, and Search.

Having both running together is great as it means your products will show up in more places very similar to showing organically on Google Search and also with paid Search ads. There is no conflict at all between Google Free Listings and Google Smart Shopping, as they complement each other to get the most exposure for your products! If you have any questions or need help getting started, feel free to reach out to our support team. 

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