I've connected my WooCommerce store, but none of my products are available to select

In order to provide your WooCommerce store an automated product feed for your Google Shopping campaigns, we rely on our extension to gather and sync store and product data. At the time you installed our plugin, we asked for specific permissions to accomplish these automated features. If you received an error message when building or editing your campaign's products (ex. Can't find enabled products or Unable to connect to your store), see below for troubleshooting steps.

The most common causes for this issue are

1. You did not grant the required permissions for our extension
2. The extension was uninstalled from your site.
3. You do not have an SSL certificate or https in your product URLs
4. There were no enabled products synced
5. None of your enabled products have images

The easiest way to fix this issue is to uninstall and re-install the plugin making sure to grant all the requested permissions. If this still does not clear up your error please contact our support team through the Contact Us page in your account, or at 

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